Equinox Do Brasil

“Equinox do Brasil Ltda” is a Brazilian corporation, founded in 2008 in Rio de Janeiro, with the objective of promoting cultural and sports national or international events.

Its main goal consists in exporting the “Brazilian know-how and branding” through the Brazilian sports business expertise. Indeed, since decades, Brazil has built an international and recognized worldwide sports capability.
This emerging nation became a leader on how to transform leisure activities and amateur sports into professional and profitable businesses. An example to be followed by other emerging countries and markets.

Therefore, after the success of “Equinox Do Brazil Ltda”, Bernard Vassas, a tough Brazilian and French entrepreneur together with several partners, has decided to extend the company’s activities to the Asian continent.
Making Equinox an international entity aiming to better link Asian and Brazilian cultures and talents,

The services of the company remain concentrated around three main business categories of activities i.e.:

Sport and Culture events promotions,
Tourism and discovery exclusive packages in Brazil, Bhutan and very soon in Cuba too,
– Asian and Brazilian consultancies on-demand services and specific commercial missions.