Equinox Vietnam also provides tourism professionals, groups, or individuals, exclusive packages to remoted and exotic destinations.

Founded in 2019, the Happiness Academy is, for the first time, making Bhutan accessible to teenagers and young adults from all over the world. We have crafted unique educative tours and activities for them, with optional English courses and conversational programs (from 1-3 weeks) being offered in our new facilities in the charming city of Paro. Our packages include spiritual initiation, sports, trekking, farm homestays, encounters with local people, and historical and cultural visits. We believe that tourism should provide unforgettable experiences for young adults, keeping ecological and cultural responsibilities in mind while preserving and respecting the authentic Bhutanese ethnic identity. Bhutanese officials and Uptal School support this project.

You can find more information about our packages in Bhutan, by clicking on thisĀ link.

Equinox Vietnam is also offering global trading consultancy services, a broad portfolio of products issued on the emergent southern Asian market. We offer a fully personalized relationship with customers to match the requested needs. It is also a cost-effective solution and optimized support to help you reach your goals.