Sport Services

“Equinox do Brasil Ltda”, incorporated in 2008 in Rio de Janeiro, is the only Brazilian and Vietnamese marketing and events corporation working in partnership with its sister company Equinox Viet Nam Ltd., founded in 2017.

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, this Vietnamese company is the legal and operational branch of “Equinox do Brasil Ltda”. It develops and follows up overall South East Asian countries (ASEAN region and mostly Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Myanmar) several marketing projects and sports-related businesses, sourced in Brazil and Latin America.

This makes Equinox Vietnam the unique Latin and Vietnamese sports and entertainment-oriented marketing agency operating in Asia. Through its exceptional experience and networking, Equinox Vietnam provides a wide range of services including events promotion, tourism segmented and tailored packages, and business consultancy.

International Clubs Football Tournaments in Asia:

Equinox Vietnam thanks to its partnership in Europe and Latin America is keen to organize any football tournament and project around all Asia.
Through its consolidated networking, built over more than 30 years of experience, the company can bring prestigious European football teams and clubs from Latin America and Europe to organize unforgettable competitions for sponsors and local promoters.

Equinox is also ready to bring to all sports and charity events an international exposure through VIP Ambassadors among the most famous stars of the Football’s world.

The Vietnamese corporation Equinox operates, thanks to the ASEAN regulation, in the 10 South-Eastern Asian countries of the economical association.

Currently, the company is working – in partnership with other partners abroad and football federations – on the organization of U17, U19, and U23 international Club tournaments.

Corporate Events:

Worldwide famous athletes are important vehicles of communication for companies. The presence of international sports celebrities can bring a superlative legacy in the organization of any corporative or institutional event.

Equinox Vietnam is committed to assist local brands and corporations in the creation and organization of forecasted charity or commercial events.
It will help its Asian customers from start-up until completion, of the event to make this one an unforgettable one to its guests and sponsors.

Brazilian Football Clubs Partnership Representative:

Equinox represents several top Brazilian football clubs’ interests in the Asian region.

The company is the perfect link to launch and set up /club to clubs/ exchanges and collaboration projects in the training and management skills field developments.

Sport oriented on-demand consultancies services:

Equinox Vietnam is specialized in the Asian football industry, with local federations and football leagues/clubs or sponsors. It will become the ideal partner to launch any football collaboration projects coming from Europe or Latin America. Through its extensive network and professional expertise, Equinox operates also as players and coaches’ talent agency.

Beach Volley “Super Challenge” event:

Equinox Vietnam through its large professional network inside the beach volleyball and the worldwide recognized Brazilian “know-how”, is preparing several Beach Volley Ball related events.

The organization of international tournaments will give any beach tourism-oriented Asian country and regions a very original and never seen exposure.

Equinox Vietnam pledges to bring 11 Olympic medallists to an original Asian tournament aiming to become one of the most successful of this category in Asia and the world.

Equinox and its experienced Brazilian professional team are ready to help local promoters with the support of the local volleyball national federation to find sponsorships and international TV Broadcasters in order to optimize the event visibility and profitability.