Equinox Tourist Packages


Equinox Vietnam is ready to help out “outbound” travel agencies and tour operators and offer exclusive touristic packages linked to cultural and/or sports interests. In very special spots and exclusive locations around the world.

Join Equinox’s world of emotion and knowledge through its unique touristic packages. For further information about these packages or any tailored ones please contact us.


Thanks to its strong relationship with the famous Brazilian Sports and football clubs, Equinox Vietnam provides to the world unique and original packages, mixing football training, leisure, and tourism discovery.

Schedule your next holiday at the most incredible beach and sports city: Rio de Janeiro. Here visitors will be able to play and compete with local teams, experiencing the Brazilian football religious passion, while your accompanying Pax’s will take advantage of our complimentary tourist tours.


Bhutan Happiness Academy:

The Kingdom of Bhutan is the most atypical and authentic spot to receive English language training mixed with Buddhist tradition initiation and/or sport and, environment programs, cultural and/or religious tours.

Preserved from mass tourism, Bhutan still keep an original and fashionable Himalayan way of life and Tibetan secular values.

Equinox Vietnam and its Bhutanese tourism agency partner are offering customized packages to Latin American and Asian tourists.

English summer camps, traditional marriage ceremonies, honeymoons packages, Buddhist and meditation tours: Bhutan will allow our travelers to experiment with the most authentic discovery experience from the top of the world. Definitively an unforgettable journey. More info